The Future of Education – This Is It!

The future of education is one of the most important issues of the day, as education holds the key to many other issues such as science and health. Over the course of history, education systems and ideals have been created to accommodate specific concepts, and while many of those concepts have long been deserted, the system was built and the structures still holds to this very day. Making adjustments to the way we teach and learn is an essential move humanity must take, as this era of technology makes the old ways of studying irrelevant.

While the major academies and educational institutions are already making some of these adjustments, the majority of schools and education systems are not. The gaps between those who are fast enough to move with the swift changes of our times and make room for the new are widening by the year. The failure of most of our nations schools to take technologies available to us long ago and use them for the benefit of their students is making the gaps between students grow larger with time, and this is a dangerous path.

In the near future, the demands big companies will have from their employees will include the ability to deal with things much more complex than the well-known world-wide-web, and with technologies that are already available yet not common enough. Using high-end technology for completing tasks is now common enough, yet it is not used by the education system, and the majority of people who use these technologies use it for simple communication and for playing games.

Our kids sit in class and do not concentrate on the board and the teacher. It is too boring for them, and they cannot be blamed. With high-end technological instruments sitting in their pockets and waiting to be played with, the temptation is too big. The speed of the world and the way our youth think is overwhelming for the old ways of schooling. The classic classroom with a teacher and a black-board is simply outdated, as new technologies conquer the minds of all youth and adults. The constant stream of new and exciting online temptations is taking the minds of the students away from the subject at hand, and they simply cannot wait to go back to their gadget and into their virtual space.

There is simply no doubt, it is time for some changes in the way we teach our kids. The future of our education system is in using technologies that are now being used almost only for games.

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